The Earthen Pot

What is it about yellow and purple sharing an earthen pot
Each singing a different song?

One is strident and cheery, full of itself, unmasking fears, 
Ridding sorrows, reeling in the noonday sun. 
Highlighting single strands of hair, 
Running through fields of clover 
Kissing the crowns of century oaks.
An invitation to cheer-and-be-saved, 
A call to skip in staccato time,
An offer to laugh out loud
Strident yet smiling, airily worn.

The other is royal, even morose at times, 
Leading a somber procession, solemn and brooding,
Hovering near the sides of evening mountains. 
Forming lurid shadows beneath ocean waves, 
Hiding within the depths of trees.
A warning to repent-and-be-saved, 
A caution to walk with measured steps, 
A knell to speak in hushed tones.
Sulky yet sibilant, practically forlorn

But together?
A comingling of joy and sorrow, 
A plaintive jubilation to thrive, to survive in the 
Center of a front porch’s calm.